In choosing a completely energy efficient green home, customers are saying that they want more than a mere “eco-friendly” home with a few add-on features.

Many folks in Northern Colorado, like many across the country, are looking for homes that are green and energy efficient from the home’s inception. They also want to make sure that the systems they have in place, such as a tankless water unit, will continue to work efficiently. It’s important to think about how to maintain your home, so that it continues to function at its best.

Keeping Your Water System Flushed

Your water system controls your heating and cooling as well as provides water for all your other needs. A tankless unit will give you an on demand supply of hot water when you need it, as opposed to storing it in a tank. It does this by simply heating the cold water as it flows through the unit. A properly running tankless unit is a green option, saving energy and water.

Your tankless hot water heater can have a serviceable life of 20+ years if properly cared for. It needs to be kept free from limescale if it is to work efficiently. Limesscale will prevent the all-essential heat exchanger from seizing up. The best way to stop this from happening is to keep you HVAC system regularly serviced. Flushing it once a year will mean that your home can maintain its water supply effortlessly.

Tankless Water Heater Flushing

For more information on how to maintain your tankless hot water heater visit Think Tank Home.

Thank you to Sally Perkins for providing a resource on maintaining tankless hot water heaters.

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