Value Through Building Science

ENERGY STAR wants your home to be more affordable, comfortable, and durable. To maximize the value of your new home we rely on building science.

Inside every ENERGY STAR new home, there are 3 key energy efficiency systems working together to deliver better performance.

Thermal Enclosure System

Properly installed insulation, complete airsealing, and high performance windows and doors ensure that your new home is tightly sealed to reduce leaks and drafts. These are the components that make up a complete thermal enclosure system.

Why is This Important?

You want your home to be comfortable no matter what room you’re in or what the weather is outside. Your thermal enclosure system will also improve durability, reduce maintenance costs, and lower monthlyutility bills.

Compare the Thermal Enclosure System to Packing for a Ski Trip

Keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient is just like keeping your body protected from the elements on a ski trip. Appropriate items must be worn to keepyour body warm, dry, and protected from the wind.

HVAC System

Heating and cooling your home can add up to nearly half of your total energy bill. In a typical house, about 20 percent of the air moving through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poor connections.

ENERGY STAR certified homes come equipped with HVAC systems that must meet all of the efficiency requirements of EPA’s comprehensive HVAC Quality Installation inspections.

A properly designed and installed HVAC system improves airflow and air quality. Improving airflow and efficiency maintains comfort while using less energy. Ventilation systems remove low-quality air, provide outdoor air, better moisture control, and filterdust and particles.

Why is This Important?

As the owner of an ENERGY STAR certified home, you can be sure you are paying less to heat or cool your home.

Water Management System

During construction, ENERGY STAR builder partners must meet EPA’s comprehensive water management requirements to prevent rain and moisture from building up in living areas, attics, basements, crawlspaces, or behind walls.

Why is This Important?

The rigorous water management requirements met by ENERGY STAR Builders help ensure that:

  • Water is directed off the roof, down the walls, and away from the foundation
  • Your home is built with moistureresistant barriers to prevent water damage
  • Building materials are protected during construction to minimize the possibility of mold and rotting


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